Sustainability and Transparence

The articles are produced in Berlin: Design, choice of material, patterns, manufacture and forwarding, all come from one hand. My BIO fabric comes from well-known producers. The specifications of other materials are given to my best knowledge and belief. 

All fabrics are washed prior to manufacture, they can consequently be treated with water. So as a rule, dry-cleaning is not necessary.

My sewing machines are driven by eco-power.

As to the use of whatever material, packing material included, I care for compatibility with the environment.


Owner of the labels Lumapoli + Tarteocitron: Bettina P.

My creative impulse has been formed by different cultures: My years in France have influenced me in many respects and were a revelation as to fashion and design. These experiences were completed by my work as set and costume designer for different theaters (among others Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin).

My design is ment to reflect the variety of my interests and my pleasure in dealing with different materials: I want to create a fanciful fashion showing my predilection for experiments, lighthearted in appearance and with love for details. After all it is important to me that the models are wearable and professionally produced.

I would like to contribute to a world full of colors: All models also serve as patterns for variations and can be adapted to individual measurements.

I am also ready to deal with your own ideas and orders for special events. Your requests, suggestions, orders and comments are very welcome.